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Estuary Management

Parramatta River Estuary
Coastal Zone Management Plan

An estuary and its immediate catchment form a complex system of ecological, physical, chemical and social processes, which interact in a highly involved and, at times, unexpected fashion. The Parramatta River Estuary Coastal Zone Management Plan (CZMP) aims to provide an integrated approach to managing the estuary and catchment amongst the many landholders involved.

The CZMP was finalised in 2013 and has been adopted by all 8 councils along the Parramatta River Estuary. The Plan has now been certified by the Minister for Planning and Environment in accordance with Section 55G of the Coastal Protection Act and will soon appear in the NSW Government Gazette.

Development of the Plan was lead by Parramatta City Council, and involved 7 councils including Ashfield, Auburn, Canada Bay, Hunters Hill, Leichhardt, Ryde, Parramatta and Strathfield, as well as the Greater Sydney Local Land Services (formerly Hawkesbury Nepean CMA and then Sydney Metropolitan CMA), Sydney Olympic Park Authority, Shell Pty Ltd (Clyde Refinery) and community representatives.

A CZMP is developed using a set of distinct steps and is a scientific approach to understanding the complex estuarine system and the actions needed to effectively manage human impacts upon this system. The eight-step process of developing a Coastal Zone Management Plan is set out by the NSW Government Estuary Management Program and is listed below along with the current progress of the Parramatta River CZMP.

1. Form an Estuary Management Committee (complete)
2. Assemble, compile and interpret existing data (complete)
3. Carry out Estuary Processes Study (complete)
4. Carry out Estuary Management Study (complete)
5. Draft Parramatta River Estuary Coastal Zone Management Plan (complete)
6. Review Parramatta River Estuary Coastal Zone Management Plan (complete)
7. Adopt and implement Parramatta River Estuary Coastal Zone Management Plan (Plan adopted by all councils, implementation underway)
8. Monitor and review.

Parramatta River Estuary Data Compilation and Review Study

Parramatta River Estuary Data Compilation Report (2008) Appendices & Figures

Parramatta River Estuary Processes Study Report (2010)