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The PRCG sub-committees were established as part of the recommendations of the PRCG’s Implementation Plan and their aim is to progress the initial actions of the Plan and further develop opportunities for addressing regional issues relating to each theme.  The sub-committees are made up of technical staff from member councils and agencies in the catchment and they enable councils and agencies to build important partnerships and networks, pool resources and reduce duplication in some key environmental areas.

The Stormwater Sub-committee is involved in the following activities:

» The sub-committee is developing a step-by-step resource to assist councils in incorporating Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) into councils’ planning documents. By having a consistent approach to managing stormwater across the catchment, the entire catchment will benefit from improved water quality and reduced stormwater runoff. It will also provide consistency for developers when determining development requirements within the catchment; for example, a developer will receive similar advice and information relating to water quality and management in Ryde as they will in Blacktown.

» All Councils within the catchment were encouraged to include water quality and waterway stability targets and controls in their planning documents. A workshop was held in May 2010 to progress this action and included determining wording for LEPs, developing a framework and content for DCPs and providing agreement on water quality and waterway stability targets for the PRCG catchment. The workshop also looked at how to build internal staff capacity to incorporate WSUD into Council business. This workshop builds on the WSUD Policy Review conducted for councils participating in the Working to Sustain the Parramatta River grant project.

» The effectiveness of street sweeping in relation to water quality improvements has been evaluated through the summary review provided by the Sydney Metropolitan CMA on the findings and recommendations of a series of investigations in NSW and interstate in relation to the effectiveness and potential role of street sweeping as a stormwater pollution control measure. This has been distributed to all PRCG councils, for consideration in the planning of their street sweeping programs.

» The sub-committee was also a project steering committee for a combined project between the PRCG, University of Western Sydney, Sydney Metropolitan CMA and Parramatta, Ryde, Blacktown and Holroyd Councils entitled Maintenance and Costing Study on Stormwater Management and Water Sensitive Urban Design Techniques (see Audit of WSUD in Western Sydney).