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The PRCG sub-committees were established as part of the recommendations of the PRCG’s Implementation Plan and their aim is to progress the initial actions of the Plan and further develop opportunities for addressing regional issues relating to each theme.  The sub-committees are made up of technical staff from member councils and agencies in the catchment and they enable councils and agencies to build important partnerships and networks, pool resources and reduce duplication in some key environmental areas.

The Communications sub-committee, which has now finished, was involved in developing many of the foundation documents, policies and establishment of the PRCG.

» The sub-committee was responsible for establishing formal relationships between the PRCG and the local Aboriginal community and environmental volunteer groups through the inclusion of community representatives on the PRCG.

» A number of policy documents have been developed and reviewed by the subcommittee to assist in the formal establishment of the PRCG, including the Terms of Reference, Code of Conduct, Branding and Acknowledgement Policy and a draft Communications Strategy.

» The sub-committee was also a project steering committee for the development of the PRCG website and the 2009 Urban Nature Photography Competition.