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The PRCG sub-committees are made up of technical staff from member councils and agencies in the catchment and they enable councils and agencies to build important partnerships and networks, pool resources and reduce duplication in some key environmental areas.

The Biodiversity Sub-committee is currently conducting the project titled
Native habitat recovery in the Parramatta River catchment“.

This project aims to expand, restore and manage the extent of native habitats in the fragmented landscapes of the Parramatta River catchment. This collaborative project is being led by City of Canada Bay and involves the councils of Ashfield, Auburn, Blacktown, City of Ryde, Hunters Hill, Parramatta and Strathfield. It has received funding support from the NSW Environmental Trust.

The project involves a series of three distinct stages:

1. A study of recent fauna records to determine species richness and distribution across the catchment and within extant vegetation communities and the parks and reserves system.

2. Using this knowledge, high priority sites and potential corridors have been identified and targeted for on-ground restoration and expansion, linking these communities across the landscape. On ground works are currently underway at these high priority sites.

3. Targeted biodiversity awareness training has been delivered to council outdoor staff whose work may impact on terrestrial and aquatic biodiversity.

The fauna richness study is now complete. Download the final report: Parramatta River Catchment Native Habitats and Fauna.

Previous activities conducted by the Biodiversity Sub-committee include:

» The Growers for Greenspace project, to promote the protection and rehabilitation of biodiversity corridors on both public and private land across the Strathfeld, Ashfield, Blacktown, Bankstown, City of Canada Bay and Hunters Hill council areas. This 18 month project was led by Strathfeld and Ashfield councils with funding support from the NSW Environmental Trust.

» Biodiversity Awareness Education for local council outdoor officers . A one day workshop format and associated training resource have been developed for council officers at all PRCG member councils. The training highlights Councils’ legislative responsibilities in managing natural areas and providing tools and information on how staff can be aware and proactive in their day-to-day work practices. Ashfield, Strathfield, Canada Bay, Bankstown, Hunters Hill, Ryde, Auburn, Holroyd and Blacktown councils were involved in delivering this project.

» Collating maps of the extent and quality of biodiversity across the catchment, to assist in determining high priority areas for rehabilitation and corridors within the catchment.

» In late 2008, all Councils within the catchment were actively encouraged to include biodiversity protection and improvement in any new development or redevelopment proposals. Councils’ strategic planning officers were contacted and provided with a list of points for consideration in the current development of their Local Environmental Plans.